Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi said - Let abinandan go, otherwise India will attack at 9 o'clock


In March 2019, the MP of Pakistan's political party PML-N has made a big disclosure on India's strict stand on the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan present. This revelation may bring a new storm in the politics of Pakistan. This MP said that India was ready to attack Pakistan if Abhinandan was not released.

PML-N MP Ayaz Sadiq revealed in Parliament that Foreign Minister SM Qureshi had called for the elimination of the reception in a meeting with parliamentary leaders including PPP, PML-N, and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. At that time, the opposition had promised to support the government on all issues including Abhinandan.

Ayaz Sadiq said that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had said in this important meeting that if Pakistan does not leave the reception, then India is attacking Pakistan till nine o'clock in the night.

He said- I remember very well that MM Qureshi was in the meeting in which PM Imran Khan refused to participate. Qureshi's feet were trembling, he was sweating. In this meeting, Foreign Minister Qureshi said that for Allah, let it go back (Abhinandan), because at 9 o'clock at night, Hindustan will attack Pakistan.

Also, Ayaz said that Hindustan was not going to attack. The government had to just kneel down and send Abhinandan back, which he did.

Let me tell you that in February 2019 last year, India struck a terrorist camp in Balakot, after which Pakistan sent its fighter jets to attack in India. In response, Wing Commander Abhinandan flew with a MiG-21.

Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down Pakistan's F-16 aircraft. In the meantime, he went across the border chasing the plane and was caught. During the interrogation, the Pak Army gave him tea to drink and tried to show the video by sharing how the reception was being done.

India's stern stance forced Pakistan to send Abhinandan present to India properly. On March 1, he returned to India from the Attari-Wagah border.

However, this is considered to be a very big disclosure of the Pakistani MP and one can get a different view of this in the ongoing politics here. The opposition is constantly attacking and mobilizing against Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now after this disclosure, the Imran government may get into trouble.