Pakistan conducting PM examinations amid growing Corona cases, PM Imran Khan trolls


On one hand in the country and the world, due to the coronavirus, the examinations are being postponed, Pakistan is a country where there is no fear of corona. Yes, read it right. In fact, amid increasing cases, the Government of Pakistan has announced to pursue all Cambridge Examinations as per the stipulated time. Since then, students have started protesting.

Emraan Khan trolls on Twitter

Pakistan students have trolled Prime Minister Imran Khan on Twitter to conduct the exam despite the surge in Corona cases. The students protested the decision of the government and the Cambridge International Examinations. According to a report by Geo News, #ImranKhanCancelEXAMS on Twitter has become one of the top brands in Pakistan due to posts by protesting students.

The decision to pursue all Cambridge Examinations as per the stipulated time

According to the Minister of State for Education Shafqat Mahmood, all Cambridge exams will proceed as scheduled, and teacher-rated grades will not be used this year. This means that AS and A level exams will start on April 26 and O level, IGCR examinations will start on May 10.

Matriculation and Intermediate Board examinations postponed

Matriculation and intermediate board exams (Matriculation and Intermediate board exams), on the other hand, have been postponed and will be held at different locations across the provinces from the end of May, according to the Jio report.

Since then, the students have been under pressure from the government to ban the examinations continuously. Initially requesting the Minister of Education, the students were asked to reconsider the decision to proceed as per the schedule. After this, Twitter has been opposed to attracting the attention of Prime Minister Imran Khan.