Pakistan Airlines plane landed at Kabul airport for the first time 28 days after Taliban occupation, only 10 passengers boarded the flight


The first commercial flight has landed at Kabul International Airport, nearly a month after Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. Let us tell you that after the withdrawal of American troops on August 15, 2021, the Taliban announced the occupation of the whole of Afghanistan. A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane arrived at Hamid Karzai (Kabul) International Airport on Monday. However, there were only 10 passengers on this flight. It had more staff than passengers.

These countries helped in the operation of the airport

A few days ago, a Taliban spokesman said that technical teams and experts from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar have been helping Afghanistan to start operations from the airport. International and domestic flights will be able to resume from the airport soon. He had said that the airport would be ready for an operation soon. The spokesperson said that parts of the airport were unfortunately damaged by US troops and are now being repaired with the support of Qatar and the UAE. Kabul Airport will be opened to the public very soon.

Kabul airport under the control of US troops till August 31

Significantly, even after the occupation of the whole of Afghanistan till August 15, Kabul Airport remained under the control of US troops till August 31. From here more than one lakh people were rescued and sent to different countries. Lakhs of people were present at the airport during the operation. A major part of the airport was damaged after the rescue operation was over. It has been repaired by the Taliban with the help of Qatar and other countries. Last week, several Qatar Airways charter planes reached Kabul Airport. Those people were evacuated from Afghanistan from these planes, who were left out during the rescue operation. On the other hand, a PIA spokesperson said that Pakistan's state-run airline is keen to start regular commercial flights to Afghanistan. However, it is not yet clear how many flights will operate between Islamabad and Kabul in a week.

UAE plane landed at Kabul airport

Earlier on September 4, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) plane loaded with food supplies landed at Kabul airport for the first time since the full withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. It was the first foreign aircraft to land at Afghanistan's airport after 31 August. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed that a giant UAE plane carrying 60 tonnes of food had landed at Kabul airport today. The airport was completely closed for domestic flights since the capture of Kabul by the Taliban on August 15. Taliban forces took control of the airport on August 31, following the departure of the last US-led evacuation flight.