Pakistan - Afghan NSA is running proxy war in Afghanistan through Taliban


Afghanistan's National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib has said that the Taliban are running Pakistan's proxy war in Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani's security adviser has also said that Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundaja has not held any meetings with the authorities. Even after 12 months, there is no trace of them. Not only this, but the Taliban also has no information about them. He said that we want to know first whether Habitullah is there or not. The Taliban should answer where they are. The intelligence agency has given information that nobody has seen them for so many days.

This statement of Afghanistan's NSA comes amid reports that Pakistan has severed ties with the National Security Advisor of Afghanistan over its recent remarks against Islamabad. According to Afghanistan's Khama Press Agency, Hamdullah had recently called Pakistan a brothel at a rally in Nangarhar. His statement was strongly objected to by the politicians present in Islamabad. Told till. After this statement, the leaders of Pakistan said that Afghanistan's NSA has also rejected all inter-state communication rules.

Let me also tell you here that this is not the first time that the NSA of Afghanistan has made such a statement. Earlier, he had accused Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI of directly supporting the Taliban. However, these allegations were rejected by Pakistan. Recently, it was also said by Afghan officials that about 1000 fighters have been killed in the attack on the Taliban. However, the Taliban called it propaganda of Afghanistan. Last month, the former and current President of Afghanistan also made statements about the nexus between Pakistan and the Taliban.

Former President Hamid Karzai even said that Pakistan wants Afghanistan to break all ties with India. He also said that Pakistan wants to increase political influence in Afghanistan through the Taliban. At the same time, the current President Ashraf Ghani said that Pakistan is most responsible for the plight of his country. He had alleged that the Taliban has full support from Pakistan and the government and army of Pakistan help them. Not only this, but Pakistan also arranges for Taliban fighters and their funding.