Pakistan accuses the US of spreading corona! sues $ 20 billion


A Kovid-19-positive Pakistani citizen has filed a $ 20 billion damages lawsuit against the United States for damages caused to him and Pakistan due to the coronovirus epidemic, alleging that the United States was behind the uncontrolled proliferation of Kovid-19 Had a hand in and under President Donald Trump's rule.

On this petition, the US High Commission in Islamabad, Lahore has issued notice to the US Consul and Foreign Ministry.

The petitioner is corona infected by Raza Ali. He said the uncontrolled spread of the virus in the US and the irresponsible statements of the US leadership spread it around the world, keeping its severity hidden despite warnings from the WHO and various countries.

Raza said Western lending agencies and donors are forcing the government to cut subsidies and raise taxes that make people's lives harder.

Taking cognizance of the petition, Civil Judge Kamran Karamat issued notice to the US High Commission in Islamabad, US Consul General in Lahore, US Secretary of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reply by 7 August. The court will now hear the matter on August 7.