Pak PM visits Afghan tour for the first time, will meet President Ghani


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Afghanistan for the first time on Thursday. Imran Khan has arrived here for the first time in his two-year tenure.

The official statement said the Prime Minister's program included bilateral talks with President Ashraf Ghani and delegation-level talks. The key objective of the visit is to deepen bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and the Afghan peace process. Apart from this, increasing regional economic development and connectivity is also a motive.

The visit of the Pak PM is a part of the regular high-level exchanges between the two countries. Imran Khan's visit comes at a time when peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban have stopped and incidents of violence are increasing.

Along with this, the US is also withdrawing its military forces from Afghanistan. A few days ago the Pentagon announced that the number of US military personnel in Afghanistan would be reduced from 4,500 to 2,500 by mid-January.