Pak journalists have asked such a question on Kashmir, the trump erupted, spoke to Imran - such reporters ...


In the US city of Houston, PM Narendra Modi showed India's strength to the whole world through 'Howdy Modi' program. In front of a crowd of 50,000 people at the NRG Stadium, PM Narendra Modi fiercely targeted Pakistan over terrorism. He said during the program that the decision to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir is causing problems to those who do not manage their own country. Now Pakistani journalists questioned Trump during the conversation between Imran Khan and Trump.

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Know what Pakistani journalists said

In the US, when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Donald Trump were in talks, Pakistani journalists started questioning Trump. A journalist questioned Trump, "Do you know the situation in Kashmir? Neither have food to eat, nor electricity nor water." A journalist even told Trump that if you resolve the Kashmir issue, you will be entitled to the Nobel Prize.

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Also, know the powerful answer of Trump

US President Donald Trump erupted with absurd questions and statements from Pakistani journalists. He replied to Imran Khan, where do you bring such reporters. Imran Khan's face was worth seeing after this reply from Trump. Let me tell you that Donald Trump also praised 'Howdy Modi' program in front of Imran Khan.

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