On seeing the river water turning yellow, people thought it is the miracle, but later it was revealed that everyone's mind was blown away!


The antidote to nature proves to be havoc by humans. Humans tamper with nature and nature has to bear the brunt of it. A similar case was found in a river in Scotland when the water of the river turned yellow.

The waters of the Polamadi Burnt River flowing in Glasgow, Scotland, suddenly turned yellow. In the beginning, when people saw the yellow color of water, they considered it a miracle, but in reality, it was the result of a mistake made by humans. Due to the mistake of humans, this water was converted into acid. A chemical factory built on the banks of the river had left its dirt in the river, due to which its color changed.

When news of the river's yellow color spread, Clyde Gateway, a Regeneration Organization in Scotland, examined the waters. What came out in the investigation was very shocking. One drop of this was also able to burn the skin. If accidentally drank this water, both the throat and kidney can cause damage.

Many people use the water of this river. Now scientists are looking to get its water replenished as soon as possible. So far, no one has been reported to be harmed by the water, but the fish living in the river must have died from this water.