OMG! This Pakistan dreaded serial killer swore to kill 100 children, brutally slaughtered 100 children

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There have been many such killers in the world, who are known as serial killers because they killed many innocents. But do you know who the most dreaded and most dangerous serial killer is? It is nobody else but Pakistan's serial killer who is considered to be the most dangerous. He brutally slaughtered 100 children’s. The whole world trembles in the name of this killer.

The serial killer was named Javed Iqbal. In December 1999, the editor of an Urdu newspaper in Lahore receives a letter which reads, 'My name is Javed Iqbal and I have killed 100 children and strangled their bodies with acid.' He had also told in the letter that out of all the children he murdered, most of them were runaways or orphans. He had also sent a similar letter to the Lahore Police, in which he confessed his crime. This serial killer vowed to kill 100 children. The police did not take this matter seriously, but the editor sent one of his journalists there. When the journalist went there, there were traces of blood inside the house; two big bags had filled with the clothes of children and a diary on which the names of the children and information about them were written. Also outside the house were two containers filled with hydrochloric acid, in which the bones of the children were structured.

In such a situation, the journalist went to the office and told the editor about it and the police were informed. Police arrived and started collecting information. The police found a notebook here, which said that as proof of the murder, I had left some corpses, which I could not locate. It was also written that I am going to commit suicide by jumping in the Ravi River. The police conducted a search operation and it was the largest search operation in the history of Pakistan. Police arrested Javed with two accomplices. However, one jumped from the roof and gave his life. On the other hand, Javed went to the office of Urdu newspaper. Here he gave an interview and then the police arrested him. Javed then told the police that when he was 20 years of age, he was sent to jail after being accused of rape, even though he had not done that crime, but he was implicated under the conspiracy. During this time his mother always used to visit him in jail, but one day his mother died while waiting for the release of the son, after which he vowed that as his mother lost her life crying, she was less Will make 100 mothers cry. After this, the process of killing him started.

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