OMG: Kim Jong Un's country on the verge of starvation, getting a dozen bananas for Rs 3300


North Korea, the country of dictator Kim Jong Un, is facing a severe food crisis these days. The prices of essential goods are also skyrocketing in North Korea due to global sanctions, hurricanes, and corona infection.

Now it has become difficult for the people of the country to make a living. Kim Jong Un has acknowledged the food shortage in his country after a major ruling party meeting.

According to the news, inflation has increased a lot in this country. It is being told that for a dozen bananas in this country, a price of $ 45 i.e. 3300 rupees has to be paid. The price of potatoes has also increased three times.

According to reports, people here are paying $ 70 (Rs 5191) for a small packet of tea leaves and $100 (Rs 7414) for a packet of coffee.