Now the elderly will be young again, this country finding 'infallible' formula


Every human has a desire in his mind that he should never grow old. Always remain young and healthy. To fulfill this desire of human beings, many scientists did research, but have not been successful so far. Meanwhile, Israeli scientists have claimed that they have prepared a formula to prevent aging and have also been successful to a great extent. He claims that he has tried this formula on 35 people so far, the results of which are quite positive.

Because of this people are elderly

Israeli scientists said that whenever a cell is re-formed in the human body, its youth decreases. This process goes on continuously and the person goes from young to old. According to scientists, the process of growing from young to elderly occurs due to the lack of telomeres. With the help of this structure, our chromosomes are caps.

Israel achieved this way

Israeli scientists claim that they have developed a formula that can overcome the shortage of telomeres. Because of this formula, they have succeeded in reverse the process of aging from young to old.

The experiment did on 35 people

According to the information, Israeli scientists involved 35 people in this experiment. After this, he experimented on five consecutive sessions of 90-90 minutes every week for three months. During this time all 35 people were seated in the hyperbaric oxygen room, increasing their telomeres by 20 percent.

Age can be affected in this way

According to Shayar Rafferty, a doctor and lead researcher at the School of Medicine and Faculty School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University, the inspiration for this research drew him from the outside world. Indeed, NASA sent one of the twins into space, while the other stayed on Earth. Based on this, we conducted experiments, which showed that telomeres increased in length during research. This led him to discover that changes in the external environment may affect the core cellular of aging.