Nostradamus predicted the Ruin of America long ago! Wrote like this.


Nostradamus is a popular philosopher who has made many popular predictions that have come true. He also made many predictions about the Corona period. As we all know that the year 2020 is proving to be extremely fatal for America due to the coronary period. America's economy has collapsed. There are also situations like the civil war in America. Nostradamus had predicted all this long before.

Nastredamus prophesied in four lines. What he predicted about the year 2020. He said that the year 2020 would prove to be extremely bad for America. The American people are deeply angered after the death of African-born man George Lloyd in police custody in the US. People are also performing outside Trump's official white house. Black people have been treated badly in America for a long time. The whole public is now opposing it.

The condition of the world's only superpower is so bad that preparations are being made to launch troops on the roads there.

Nostredamus had predicted that US President Donald Trump would suffer heavy losses in the year 2020. This is very surprising because Nostradamus, born 465 years ago in France, thousands of kilometers away from America, may not have even heard of Trump during his entire lifetime.

This prediction is now also coming true because the US President Trump is feeling a great danger on himself. US President hiding in a bunker is not a normal occurrence. This is a step taken only in emergency situations like war.

Also said about Trump

Nostradamus's prediction also said that President Trump could be the victim of some kind of attack or disease. But civil war-like conditions in America have done worse.