North Korea agitated against throwing pamphlets at border, threatened South Korea, said: may have to pay a heavy price


North Korea is once again infuriated by a South Korean activist throwing leaflets in protest against the Kim government at the border. Expressing displeasure over the incident, he has threatened to cancel the 2018 military deal with South Korea and close the border office.

North Korea has threatened that the military agreement to reduce tensions between the two countries will be canceled if South Korea is unable to stop its worker from tearing down leaflets at the border. However, the liaison office with the two Korean countries has been closed since January in view of the epidemic, but until now there was no disagreement about it. Meanwhile, with the help of South Korean social activists and North Korean separatist balloons, they continue to send critical messages about human rights violations and nuclear power in North Korea. Threatened by Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong, South Korea keeps making excuses again, and again if such activities are not controlled, it will pay a heavy price.

Prohibition on border protest: South Korea

South Korea has confirmed that Pyongyang has threatened her. However, he also said that South Korea is certainly one of the most vibrant democracies in Asia and that stopping freedom of expression would be a desperate action. The spokesman said that North Korea should not consider this action of the workers as an attack on itself. He will try to prevent protests at the border.