Nobel Peace Prize winner urges billionaires around the world to save people


The head of the World Food Program (WFP) has made a special request to billionaires from all over the world. Nobel Peace Prize winner David Beasley has requested billionaires to donate just a few billion to save millions.

On Friday, the number of people standing on the brink of starvation has increased from 13.5 crores to 27 crores. Beasley said that humanity needs help right now. Once the most requested is that the world is at crossroads and we need to step in with billionaires in a way that has never progressed before.

The executive director of the United Nations Food Agency, referring to a study published last week by Swiss bank UBS and accounting firm PwC at a press conference, said that between April and July, the global wealth of about 2,200 billionaires increased by nearly two trillion dollars.

The study said that the global wealth of billionaires rose from $ eight trillion in July to $ 10.2 trillion in early April. Beasley said that 'I need a few billion to save the lives and humanity of millions since World War II'.

Beasley said that 'we need $ 4.9 billion to feed a year. All 30 crore people will die without the help of WFP. ' The former South Carolina governor said that 'I am not against people making money, but humanity is facing the biggest crisis of our lifetimes.' In June, a report published by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) According, the wealth of America's billionaires has risen by 19 percent or half a trillion since the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Since March 18, 11 weeks when the lockdown began in some US states, founder Jeff Bezos has earned nearly $ 36.2 billion in earnings. On the other hand, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's earnings have increased by $ 30.1 billion. In addition, Tesla's Elon Musk added $ 14.1 billion in earnings.

Beasley said that 'this time is for those who have the most money so that they can help those who need it most in this extraordinary time. The world needs you now and the time has come to do the right thing. '