New danger: Lakhs of masks and PPE kits are being thrown around the world every day, this garbage has become a new problem


The corona epidemic has also become a major threat to the environment. With this, single-use masks and PPE kits are the most important in prevention measures. They are being used in crores of rupees every day, but no framework has been prepared to destroy them safely. Wrecked masks have become a threat to land, sea, and rivers worldwide. Instead of destroying them as medical waste, they are being thrown around.

Beaches on the beaches

The masks and gloves thrown on the beaches of America, Britain, Hong Kong are in place. Last year, personal equipment used to protect the corona was thrown from New Jersey to the coast of Carolina and from the beaches of Britain to Hong Kong.

New names in the list of garbage

On Wednesday, New Jersey's 'Clean Ocean Action Environment Group' released an annual list of those items, found on the beaches. In addition to plastic, cigarette pieces, and packaged food waste, masks and gloves have also been added. The group's activists destroyed and destroyed 1113 masks and other related items from Corona off the coast of New Jersey only.

A great danger to marine life

Cindy Jiff, head of the Clean Ocean Action Environment Group, said that PPE kits save a life if worn properly, if they are thrown into the sea incorrectly, they can pose a major threat to marine life. PPE kits are being used extensively due to the epidemic, but it is necessary to destroy them properly. This is not a very difficult task.

Remove more than one lakh PPE kits in six months

According to the Ocean Conservancy Group, in the first six months of 2020, more than 1 lakh seven thousand PPA kits were destroyed by workers associated with this group around the world. This can be guessed. By now, how many PPE kits would have been destroyed, and how many would have been flown into the sea.

PPE kit is not easy to dismantle

PPE kits are not easy to destroy. This is called a disposable PPE kit, but it works like other single-use plastics. It is not completely destroyed, but is scattered in small pieces and is present indefinitely.

Nicholas Mallos, senior director of the Ocean Conservancy Group, said that a recent study showed that a disposable mask can disintegrate into 1 million 73 thousand pieces of microfiber a day. This shows how much danger they can pose to the environment.