Nepal lambasted Pakistan over the issue of terrorism


Nepal's Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has once again supported India on the international stage on the issue of terrorism. Oli, while supporting India in a high-level meeting of the United Nations on Friday, lashed out at Pakistan in front of all nations. Along with this, the PM of Nepal called for the adoption of a Comprehensive Consensus on International Terrorism (CCIT).

Addressing the United Nations meeting via video conference, Oli said that Nepal strongly criticizes all forms of terrorism. A comprehensive consensus should be reached on the issue of terrorism at the earliest.

He said that Nepal strongly opposes the countries that are fueled by terrorism. Hundreds of innocent people die in terrorist activities. Nepal strongly condemns this abominable and inhumane act. With this statement of Nepal, both China and Pakistan are in the danger.

Oli said in his recorded video message that Nepal is committed to protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and to maintaining cordial relations with neighboring countries and all other countries of the world.

It is noteworthy that CCIT was proposed by India in the year 1996, but differences emerged on the issue of defining it, after which it has never progressed.