Nepal holds back knee due to Indian pressure, ban on disputed map book in the country


Bowing to Indian pressure, the Nepal government has banned the distribution of the disputed map book. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Land Management of Nepal believes that the content of this book released by the Ministry of Education is very serious.

Taking cognizance of these things, the Cabinet of Nepal ordered the Ministry of Education to immediately stop the publication of these books and stop the distribution of the published books. The cabinet decision is a shock for Nepali Education Minister Mani Pokhara.

According to the news of the Nepali newspaper Kathmandu Post, the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Land Management says that the book contains many factual errors. Apart from this, there are some such things which are inappropriate. For this reason, the publication of the book has been banned.

Law Minister Shiva Maya Thumbhangpe said that we have come to the conclusion that the distribution of the book should be stopped. He said that the publication of the book on sensitive issues with many incorrect facts was wrong.

India-Nepal relations deteriorated due to book

Significantly, there was a border tension between India and Nepal in May. When the two countries were moving towards resolving the differences through negotiations, a map dispute started. A book on the disputed map was published by the Government of Nepal.

Since the publication of this book, tensions between India and Nepal had increased considerably. It also mentioned the ongoing border dispute with India, which worsened the matter further. This move by Nepal soured the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Controversy over Kalapani

At the same time, Nepali Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharal said that the book was published in response to India's action. The minister said that India showed Kalapani as its part and released a map carrying it. Please tell that Nepal tells Kalapani its share.