Nawaz Sharif's son challenged Imran Khan, said- 'present evidence of corruption'


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been challenged by Hussain Nawaz, son of former PM Nawaz Sharif, to present him before Britain or any other government in the world if he has evidence of corruption against the Sharif family.

According to Geo News, Hussain Nawaz said, the Sharif family got a 'clean chit' in the judgment of Sir Anthony Ivan in the case of Broadsheet LLC v. the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and National Accountability Bureau (NAB). This shows that nothing illegal was found from the people of the Sharif family.

Hussain said that foreign governments do not trust the lies being shown against Nawaz Sharif and his family on Pakistani media. Isle of Man-based Broadsheet LLC was hired by NAB to trace the hidden assets of Pakistanis abroad during Musharraf's rule.

NAB signed an agreement with broadsheet but terminated it in 2003. The scandal proved that Pakistan is plagued by corruption and instead of targeting the corrupt, it was used for political gain. Corrupt evaders were also provided with a safe escape route to avoid accountability through the National Reconciliation Ordinance.

Imran government itself indulged in corruption

Hussain Nawaz alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan's minister and his friends are themselves involved in corruption and there is evidence of this. But their account has not been fixed. Hussain cited the example of Faizal Vavada who has 19 undisclosed properties in London.