Nancy Pelosi was re-elected speaker of the US House of Representatives


In the US, Democratic Party member Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives for the US Parliament. Nancy Pelasi (80) received 216 votes and her Republican rival Kevin McCarthy 209. A House official said that a total of 427 votes were cast. Senator Tammy Duckworth and MP Hakeem Jeffries received one vote each.

According to the data, six Democratic lawmakers did not vote for Pelosi, while all 209 Republicans voted in favor of Kevin, now a minority leader in the House. In the US delegation, 435 members have the right to vote, while six are members who cannot vote.

Although Pelosi won by a small margin, he received two votes more this time than in 2014. After this, Pelosi also announced his last term as speaker. Pelosi, who was a big supporter of human rights issues, said after the election that the new Parliament is beginning in a very challenging time.

Pelosi said that the global epidemic and economic crisis have severely affected each community and killed 3,50,500 people. There is a pain for everyone in our hearts, more than two million people have been infected, millions of people are unemployed…. ”Pelosi said that the 117th parliament will be the most diverse parliament in American history because women get the right to vote Nearly 100 years later, a record 122 women arrived here. Pelosi administered the oath to the remaining members of the House after being re-elected.