Muslim teen killed minority doctor in Pakistan


In Pakistan's Punjab, a 17-year-old Muslim teenager shot and killed a doctor of the minority Ahmadiyya community on Friday simply because he thought the doctor's views were contrary to his religion. Kishore also shot and injured the doctor's father and two uncles.

Shot dead in anger due to religious differences, three others injured

According to the police, the incident occurred on Friday at Murchan Balochan of Nankana Sahib, 80 km from Lahore, when members of the Ahmadi family returned to their homes after offering Namaz. Meanwhile, the teenager who came there with a gun fired indiscriminately at him.

In the firing, 31-year-old doctor Tahir Ahmed died on the spot, while his father Tariq Ahmed, and two uncles were injured in the firing, police said. Tahir received an MBBS degree from Russia and was practicing medicine.

Police said the 17-year-old attacker has been arrested. The teenager living in the neighborhood was influenced by radical views against the Ahmadiyya community. During interrogation, he cited mutual religious differences as the reason for the attack. Ahmadiyya community spokesman Salim-Ud-din strongly condemned the attack and alleged that there was a wave of anti-Ahmadiyya campaign in Pakistan.

Explain that the supporters of the Ahmadiyya sect consider themselves a part of Islam. This cult was started in the 19th century in the Indian subcontinent by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. But the Parliament of Pakistan declared the Ahmadiyya community non-Muslim in 1974. Since then, the Ahmadiyya community has been the target of frequent attacks by Islamic extremists in this Muslim-dominated country.

Ahmedia is not safe in Pakistan

- Last month, an Ahmadiya professor was shot dead in Peshawar

- In July, US citizen Tahir Nasim was killed by a teenager in a Peshawar court

- Ahmedia businessman Meraj Ahmed was killed on August 12 in the Gulbahar area of ​​Peshawar.

- On September 10, in the Phandu area of ​​Peshawar, an Ahmadiya family's house was attacked by a mob, saved by the police, and sent a member of the family to jail on charges of blasphemy.