More than a thousand deaths in Brazil for the fifth consecutive day, the figure of the infected cross the 9.5 crores in the world


The number of coronae infects in the world crossed 9.5 million on Sunday, while the number of dead exceeded 20.32 lakh. 6.78 crore people have become healthy due to the epidemic.

There are now 2.51 crore active cases in the world, of which 1.13 lakh people are in critical condition. Meanwhile, the situation in Brazil is continuously deteriorating. More than 60 thousand cases are being reported in the country continuously for five days and more than one thousand people are dying.

Earlier the situation seemed to be improving, but suddenly the number of new cases and deaths is increasing. However, experts say that cases are increasing due to more investigations than before. However, the government has expressed concern over the increasing number of deaths and has indicated to tighten the lockdown rules again.