More likely to leak coronavirus from Wuhan lab, claim Indian scientist couple


The coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan, not a market from a fish, as China tells the world. It is claimed by an Indian scientific couple who are part of a global group that is trying to gather concrete evidence about the origin of the coronavirus. Pune-based scientist couple Dr. Rahul Bahulikar and Dr. Monali Rahalkar said that strong evidence has been found in favor of the coronavirus coming out of China's Wuhan lab itself.

Then the arguments were rejected

Both of them had made a similar claim earlier but their arguments were then dismissed as conspiracy. Now US President Joe Biden has ordered to find out the origin of the coronavirus, then once again this matter has come into the limelight. Regarding his research, Dr. Rahalkar said that he cannot say with certainty that the virus was leaked from the lab, but there is strong evidence in favor of this possibility.

Wuhan lab collects virus from Yannai mine

Dr. Rahalkar said that we started our research in April last year. We found that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) collected the SARS-CoV-2 family coronavirus RATG12 from a mineshaft located in Mojiang, south China's Yunnan province.

Workers cleaning mineshafts fell ill

He said that we also discovered that six laborers were sent to clean the mineshaft where there was a terror of bats. These laborers were suffering from a disease like pneumonia.

Suspicion of changes in the virus's genome in the lab

He said that WIV and other labs in Wuhan were conducting experiments on the virus and suspected that they had made some changes in the genome of the coronavirus. It may be that the current coronavirus originated during this process.

A Twitter user named Sikar contacted

Dr. Bahulikar said that before his research study was published in print, he was contacted by a Twitter user named Sikar, who was part of a group called Drastic. This is a group of people from all over the world connected on the Internet who are trying to gather concrete evidence about the origin of the coronavirus.

Virus unlikely to spread from bats

Continuing Dr. Bahulikar's point of view, Dr. Rahalkar said that it is unlikely that the coronavirus spread from Yannan province, as its cases were not found in Yannan. There is also no evidence in favor of the possibility that the coronavirus first came from bats to humans and then spread from fish markets. Apart from this, the structure of the virus is such that it infects humans immediately and this indicates that it must have come from a lab.

Questions raised on WHO investigation

They also allege that the World Health Organization (WHO) did not do enough research to investigate the possibility of the coronavirus leaking from the lab. He said that he is demanding an inquiry into this possibility and has also written three letters to the WHO in this regard.