Moderna vaccine will be affected for many years, company CEO claims - people will be safe from infection


On the corona vaccine front, many countries in the world can now breathe a sigh of relief. With the approval of two vaccines in India, the vaccination process will be started soon here. In addition, the CEO of Moderna, which manufactures the corona vaccine, has claimed that his vaccine patient will survive infection for a total of years.

The Moderna pharmaceutical company claims that their vaccine will protect and protect against infection for a total of years. However, any information related to the vaccine needs to be gathered to reach an accurate estimate. Last year, the US pharmaceutical company came into the limelight when the company claimed to have made the vaccine only a few weeks after the outbreak of Corona.

Now the European Corona vaccine has been approved by the European Union on Wednesday. Considering vaccine formulation and pharmacovigilance generally require several years of time, how long will Kovid-19 vaccines protect, This is a big question for both scientists and regulators.

Moderna CEO Stephen Bansal said that the antibodies produced by the vaccine in the human body are very slowly reduced. Therefore we believe that the corona vaccine will protect patients for years. Banks also informed that his company is going to prove very soon that his vaccine is also effective on the new variants of Corona found in Britain and South Africa.

The decision was taken at an agency meeting on Wednesday to consider the approval of Moderna's vaccine. The meeting took place at a time when infection cases are increasing in many countries in Europe. After the approval of Moderna's vaccine, it is believed that the EU countries will go a long way in dealing with this epidemic.

Significantly, in 27 countries of the European Union, the vaccination of the corona vaccine has started on 27 December. While the Netherlands began its Corona vaccination campaign on Wednesday, nursing home staff and frontline workers in hospitals were given priority for the vaccine.