Mind Change: A YouTuber, who gained popularity with stories of hatred and hysteria


Creativity has often been favored to be a hit on social media. But some people made the content filled with hate and hysteria the formula of success. In some western countries, including Europe, they created false stories of anti-Muslim and black protests and garnered millions of views in the last 2 years. However, after realizing his mistake, now such a YouTuber Robertson has come out in front of the world and revealed the formula of his hit.

The truth was quite the opposite

Robertson's video sparked protests against migrants across Europe. This incident started to be discussed everywhere. While the actual incident was distorted in it. It was edited to create misconceptions among people. After watching the entire video, it was found that it was actually Robertson who was the aggressor against that African man.

30 million views to gimmicky videos, BOTORI headlines

In 2018, Britain's right-wing activist Tommy Robertson shared a video on YouTube claiming that he was attacked by an African diaspora in Rome. It was viewed by about 3 million people. The incident made headlines in many newspapers in Britain. The confrontation was artificial, according to Colander Robertson, a YouTuber who captured the incident on camera.

Emphasis on dramatic scenes

In a recent interview, the 25-year-old Robertson said, "For more than 2 years, we have cleverly edited and recorded conflict-filled videos on social media and got crores of views. This is the reason why we made more and more furious videos and posted them. We used to emphasize the most dramatic scenes. Even if they are artificial or fake. He admitted we had chosen the path of confrontation to create a future on YouTube.

Revenge mind: left the way if you deal with the truth

Robertson, gaining popularity, soon realized the truth that his videos were creating dangerous hatred among people. Due to this, his heart changed and he decided to leave this path. Now he is telling about the ways in which he had achieved success with his colleagues in front of the world.

The terrorist incident provoked in Orlando

According to Robertson, the incident in 2016 of the killing of 49 people by Sirfire at a nightclub in Orlando, US, filled them with protests from Muslims and expatriates.

People can become fanatical by watching such videos again and again. This is the reason why tech companies and regulators around the world are struggling to control the immense power of social media platforms such as YouTube. - Gillom Scheslot, former YouTube engineer