Mike Pence pledges support to Kamala Harris, no communication between Trump-Biden yet


US Vice President Mike Pence, speaking to his successor and the country's newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris, congratulated him and offered to help in the transfer of power. However, there has been no communication between President Donald Trump and newly elected President Joe Biden. Trump, however, plans to leave Washington before Biden's oath to Samahore next week.

Vice President Mike Pence called and congratulated Kamala Harris and offered to support the transfer of power. However, Trump has not done so. He plans to move out of the capital before Biden's swearing-in ceremony next week. A responsible person associated with the plan for the transfer of power, on the condition of keeping his identity a secret, said that Trump's departure from the White House has not been officially revealed but according to the preparations that Trump has on January 20, the morning before Biden's oath He will leave the White House. Shortly before the ceremony, Trump may visit his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Meanwhile, the dialogue between Pence and Kamala Harris is the first since a discussion in October last year. Let me tell you that Trump was offended by Pence's statements after the violence on Capitol Hill.

Riot wanted to kill elected officials

US federal prosecutors have said that on January 6, rioters at the Capitol (Parliament House) intended to capture and assassinate elected officials. CNN has quoted this information to government lawyers. This claim has been claimed in a motion filed against Jacob Chansley, an Arizona accused involved in the violence. Charnley went on stage and wrote a threatening note for Pence.

Vidur Sharma to be a consultant in Biden's Corona rescue plan

Joe Biden has named health policy expert Vidur Sharma as a trial consultant for his Kovid-19 response team. Bharatvanshi Sharma is also an American health policy expert. He will be on the list of Vivek Murthy, nominated for US Surgeon General and member of the Kovid-19 Task Force, Atul Gawande, and others associated with the fight against the corona virus-like Celine Gounder. Vidur Sharma has held important responsibilities in the administration of former President Barack Obama, even as Biden's Vice President. He has also done well to advise health sector organizations.

Plan to impose 10 million vaccines soon

Newly elected President Joe Biden has announced that his initial plan to combat the Corona epidemic involves vaccinating 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of his term. On the second day of announcing the $ 19 trillion relief package, he said that the whole country will be united in this new effort and for this, Parliament will have to approve spending more money. He said this is a matter of saving lives, not a political issue.

Sameera Fazli of Kashmir origin named Deputy Director of Economic Council

American newly elected President Joe Biden has included Indian-American Sameera Fazli in his team. Biden has given Fazli of Kashmir origin a big responsibility as deputy director of the National Economic Council. This Council provides economic policy advice to the US President. Ayesha Shah of Kashmiri origin was inducted into the White House digital strategy team before Fazli. Fazli has also been in the Obama administration. She was previously stationed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, where she has served as director of community and economic development.

Resignation of high ranking officer Seema Verma of Trump administration

Seema Verma, one of the highest-ranking Indian-American officials in the outgoing Trump administration in the US, resigned from a top post in the country's healthcare. Before Biden's oath, 50-year-old Verma resigned as the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Seema Verma, who is from Punjab background, having held the post for the last four years, submitted her resignation to President Trump.