Microsoft to expand 'Work from home' policy, unveils new guidelines


Seattle-based technology giant Microsoft in the US has decided to expand its 'work from home' policy and make it permanent for some employees.

The company has released a blueprint for the macro workplace by releasing new guidelines. It describes how employees can work better in different places.

According to the new guidelines, employees have also been told that they can go to any other place in the country. The company stated that it would continue to work to accommodate changing needs during the epidemic.

Microsoft will allow its employees to work independently from home for less than 50 percent of their working week. In addition, managers will also be able to approve work from remote areas permanently.

Kathleen Hogan, the chief executive who oversees the company's employee affairs, said in a post, "We will try to support everyone as far as possible according to their work style, balancing business needs." Also, we will also ensure that we live life according to our culture.

Our focus is on three things: Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said her focus is on three key ideas about how the nature of work is changing in the midst of an epidemic, how work works in collaboration, how it is learned within companies, and ensuring that employees How not to bother outside. The company also said that most employees had flexibility in their working hours.