Mexico: fake corona vaccine given to more than 1000 workers, revealed in investigation


After the arrival of the Corona vaccine, it was feared that the market for counterfeit vaccines would also be ready. The same happened in Mexico. Mexico's Regulatory Health Board revealed in its investigation that more than 1000 workers of a Honduran-based textile company were given fake Sputnik V vaccines.

Honduran textile company Grupo Karim is owned by Mohammad Yusuf Amdani Bai, a native of Pakistan. The Mexican government is searching for Amdani Bai after the case was revealed.

According to a local newspaper, the investigation revealed that the vaccine was given to other businessmen and government officials besides Grupo Karim's laborers. He was close to Mohammed Yusuf Amdani Bai, owner of Grupo Company.

The dose of this fake vaccine was first given on March 10 at Ocean View Hotel and a clinic, also owned by Amdani Bai. Those working in Grupo Karim's textile factory were given the vaccine on 15 March.

In addition, this fake vaccine was also allegedly planted to traders in Mexico City, Yucatan, and Merida. At the same time, two people applying fake vaccines said that they were very concerned about the potential health risks.

Mohammed Yusuf Amdani Bai owns textile companies in the United States, Panama, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Bai is considered the richest man in Honduras.

The government of Mexico is investigating Honduran-based textile company Grupo Karim. Last Wednesday, customs officials seized more than 5,700 fake doses of the Sputnik V vaccine in a private aircraft of the company at Campeche International Airport.

According to the local newspaper, customs officials caught 5,775 fake dosages with the help of military personnel, these fake corona virus vaccines were kept in the fridge along with Coca-Cola cans and bottles.

However, a Honduran company said in its statement on Tuesday that it had no intention of illegally bringing thousands of doses of the Kovid 19 vaccine into the country. Also said that this vaccine was to be given free of cost to the employees and their families. The staff was hit by the epidemic and wanted to help them.