Mango Diplomacy of Pakistan failed, mangoes sent as gifts returned by China and America


Pakistan's diplomatic strategy 'Mango Diplomacy', which is facing a financial crisis, has been ruined. Pakistan had sent mangoes as gifts to the heads of state of more than 32 countries under the Mango Diplomacy. Many other countries, including America and its special friend China, have rejected this gift.

According to the information, the Pakistan Foreign Office (FO) had sent boxes of mangoes to the heads of more than 32 countries on Wednesday, but many countries, including the US and China, refused to accept the gift. For this, he cited the Coronavirus quarantine rules.

According to the report of The News International, 'Chaunsa' mangoes were sent to the heads of state of 32 countries on behalf of President Dr. Arif Alvi. Sources said that mango boxes will also be sent to Iran, Gulf countries, Turkey, Britain, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Russia. Sources said that French President Emmanuel Macron was also named in this list of FO, but Paris has not given any reply to Pakistan about it so far.

These countries rejected the gift sent by the President of Pakistan

According to the report, apart from the US and China, countries that have refused to accept the gift sent by the President of Pakistan include Canada, Nepal, Egypt, and Sri Lanka. These countries have cited the applicable quarantine rules to prevent the spread of corona behind this.

'Anwar Rattol' and 'Sindhari' mangoes were not part of the consignment this time

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Pakistan has sent mangoes to other countries. Even before this, he has been sending mangoes to the heads of state of other countries. Earlier 'Anwar Rattol' and 'Sindhari' mangoes were also part of the mango consignment sent by him, but this time both were dropped.