Like humans, people are surprised to see the robot moving on the song 'Do You Love Me',


Like humans, the dancing robot dancing to the tune of music has become the center of discussion worldwide. It took engineers a year and a half to teach dance (choreography) to robots. Now in two days, a three-minute snorting video of the robot has been prepared, which is seen on the 1962 song 'Do You Love Me'. So far, 23 million people have watched the video of the dancing robot on social media.

The robot at Human Dynamics Atlas Research of robot maker Boston Dynamics is not just twitching. They can be seen milling potatoes and lifting goods from the warehouse and loading them in trucks. Company founder Mark Rebert says that how much people can learn from robot makers is very important. He says that in the midst of designing a robot, making changes to it, making it strong, and doing something different in it is the most important part of its manufacturing process, which increases its working capacity. This is an important part of robot designing for which engineers work hard.

All this was possible with a special device

For the dancing robot, engineers have used 28 actuator devices that act like muscles. These devices provide mobility to the electronic signal and balance it with the gyroscope. In addition, with the help of three quadcore onboard computers, the movement of the signal is controlled during the dance.

Robot training biggest challenge

Mark says that the biggest challenge is to teach or train the robot. If it is about dance, then it is more difficult because the balance has an important role in it. Engineers at Boston Dynamics developed a technique that allows robots to balance between jumps and dances during a dance.

All surprised to see robot dancing

People were surprised to see the robot dancing. Some people even commented that they could not believe their eyes. At the same time, some people cheered them by clapping for the people making it. Some people even went as far as to say that it was a computer-made picture, which was not the case at all, it is the robots who dance to the tune like humans.