Lee Kun-hee who make Samsung the best company in the world dies at 78


Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee breathed his last on Sunday at the age of 78. The Samsung company has confirmed this by releasing an official statement. The company said that it is being told with great grief that Lee Kun-hee, the chairman of the company has died on October 25.

The company further stated that they had made Samsung one of the best electronic companies in the world, adding that the legacy of Lee Kun-hee would always be there. Lee suffered a heart attack in 2014 and was undergoing treatment at the hospital since then.

Because of his ailment, the Samsung company was commanded by his son and vice-chairman Lee Jae-Yong. Lee was convicted in 2017 of bribery and a crime involving former President Park-Jeun-hye. Lee was also sentenced to five years.

Lee's 30-year leadership made the Samsung company a global brand. Samsung is the world's largest manufacturer of smartphones, television, and memory chips. Lee Kun-hee's father Lee Byung-Chull started Samsung in 1938 as a trading company exporting fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Samsung Electronics was launched in 1969, which later became the largest company to manufacture memory chips and smartphones. After his death in 1987, Lee Kun-hee carried on the legacy. According to Forbes, Samsung ranked eighth among the Top Most Companies of 2020.