Lebanon : Riots started in Tripoli city over deteriorating economy, many people including 10 soldiers injured


The situation in Lebanon has worsened due to the deepening economic crisis for the last 20 months. Riots broke out during demonstrations in many places on Saturday night due to the deteriorating situation due to the economy. Many protesters, including 10 soldiers, were injured in these riots. In the northern city of Tripoli in Lebanon, the army was deployed to key institutions in the early hours of Sunday.

Nine soldiers were injured in a grenade attack by motorcycle-borne rioters, while one soldier was injured after being hit by a stone, the army said. Protesters have attacked several institutions in the city. At the same time, the World Bank has described this crisis as one of the world's worst crises in 150 years.

There has been no government in Lebanon since last August. This crisis is linked to the same political deadlock. The biggest protests are in Sidon and Tripoli. Tripoli is the second-largest and poorest city in Lebanon.

Lebanon is grappling with shortages of many essential products, including fuel, medicine, and medical products. Because of this, the public is angry. The Lebanese currency hit a record low of £18,000 against the US dollar on Saturday. The pound has fallen 90 percent since the crisis began. The public is against the political class that has been running the country since the end of the 1975-90 civil war. The protesters had called for their removal in October 2019. Due to their corruption and mismanagement, they are being held responsible for the ruin of the country.