Lahori youth said - Imran Khan Saab! je naksha badalake kashmeer nae labba, te nasha badalake dekha lena


Lahore's youth has been taunted by Prime Minister Imran Khan's inclusion of Jammu and Kashmir and Junagadh in Gujarat on his country's Pakistan map. In a video viral on Tiktok, this Pakistani youth is saying to Imran Khan in Punjabi that Khan Saab! Change the map of Kashmir, take care of the new drug, change your intoxication

That is, Imran Khan changed the map of your country, even if Kashmir is not found, then if you get intoxicated, then change what you are intoxicated, maybe you will get Kashmir. Shortly after this video went viral, the Lahore police arrested the young man. Police beat up the young man in the middle of the market. The police then beat the young man to an unknown place.