Know what has affected the vaccination program of the Philippines, many centers closed


The vaccination program of the Philippines has been affected to a great extent by the lack of vaccines. Apart from the lack of vaccines before the government, the delay in its supply is also becoming a major obstacle. Due to this, vaccination centers have had to be closed in many cities. President's spokesman Harry Rock has appealed to the people of the country to understand the government's approval.

He has said that there will be more supplies of vaccines to the Philippines in the coming month, after which everyone can be given the vaccine. The head of the government's vaccination program, Carlito Gálvez, said on the radio Wednesday that the Philippines was supposed to receive about 7 million doses in May, but it has received only 4.5 million doses.

This lack of vaccine in the Philippines has been seen at a time when the government started work to get the 30 million people out of the house for work. Let us inform you that the government has removed the corona restrictions to a great extent to improve the economic condition of the country. Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte said she had to forcibly close the vaccination center in her city. The reason for this is the lack of vaccine and their non-supply.

He said that to run the vaccination program on a war footing, the facility to install vaccines was started at 15 places, but due to lack of vaccine, many sites have been closed and now only 8 are being vaccinated. Significantly, this city is the most populous in the Philippines.

Similarly, 18 thousand people of Marikina city are also eagerly waiting for the corona vaccine. Here Mayor Marcelino Teodoro has said that the lack of vaccine supply remains the biggest obstacle to the smooth running of vaccination. According to him, more than two million Pfizer-BioNtech vaccines will arrive in the Philippines on Thursday.

These vaccines are available under the World Health Organization's COVAX scheme. But these vaccines will be given only to senior citizens and such patients whose condition is not good. Let us tell you that the Philippines will get more than 125 million vaccine doses. Most of these will be given from China and under the Global Vaccine Sharing Scheme. The government plans to give the vaccine to 7 crore people by this year.

Let us also tell you here that according to the data of the World Health Organization, till June 8, 2,092,863,229 doses of vaccine had been given all over the world. On the other hand, if we talk about the Philippines, WHO figures show that till June 8, a total of 1,280,773 cases of corona infection had been reported here, while 22,064 patients had died. So far 5,678,991 doses of vaccine have been given here.