Know what Biden said in his first speech and what Trump said


America gets a new president in the form of Joe Biden. But after Joe Biden's speech, his and Donald Trump's speech is beginning to be compared. When Biden spoke of strengthening democracy, Trump, in his first speech, talked about America being united by the people.

Biden's speech was 21 minutes 12 seconds and Trump's 17 minutes 12 seconds speech. While Biden talked about issues like democracy and unity in his speech, Trump spoke about America First in his speech.

Excerpts from US President Joe Biden and former President Trump's speeches-

1- Biden said- This is the day of America, the day of democracy. For centuries, for which America has been tested, we have passed it. Today we are celebrating the victory of democracy, not a candidate.

Trump had said- We are citizens of America, together we will decide the fate of America and the world and make America great.

2- Biden said- We have to save the country from white supremacism and domestic violence. They are a threat to the country. We need unity against it. I invite all Americans to come along.

Trump had said- Today is a very special day. Because we are not just transferring power from the administration or party, but handing the power over to the American people.

3- Biden said- I thank the former Presidents from both the parties. I want to thank them. (And said tightly on the trump) I also thank those who have not come here.

Trump said - America is grateful to President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. He discharged power very well. They did a fairly good job.

4- Biden said- If you disagree with anyone, then it is not a wrong thing, but it is the idea of ​​America. But because of this, unity should not be fragmented. Many countrymen are surrounded by concerns about their jobs, healthcare, and repayment of the loan amount.

Trump said - we will return the pride of our middle class. We will fight together. I will not disappoint you. We will build a good America and make two rules, buy American goods, appoint American people.

5- What Biden said- With determination, we turn to the works of our time, which are inspired by faith and determination. God help America and protect our people. Thanks- America.

Trump said - We will make America rich again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together we will make America a great country again.