Know how two vegetables are growing in the same plant?


You might be a little surprised to hear how two vegetables can grow in the same plant, but scientists of Varanasi have shown this by doing this. Scientists at the Indian Vegetable Research Institute in Varanasi have done the research and have shown two types of vegetables in the same plant. Let's know how two kinds of vegetables are growing in the same plant ...

Grafting method

Two types of vegetables are being grown in the same plant by the grafting method. In the tomato plant, the brinjal plant is cut and it is being grown in the same plant. Involved in this research Anand Bahadur Singh says that such special plants can be grown in nurseries with temperatures of more than 85 percent in 24-28 degrees and without light.

Scientist Anand says that it is sown in this land 15 to 20 days after grafting. For this, fertilizer, water, and pruning should be done in the right quantity. It takes 60 to 70 days for these plants to bear fruit.

The use of grafting techniques was started from 2013-14. This will benefit the farmers. Farmers in those areas can get more benefit from this technique where the water remains flooded for several days after the rainy season. This technique is considered very special for people growing vegetables on their roofs.

In Indian vegetable research, by grafting method, tomato and brinjal potatoes are produced in the same plant, scientists are calling this research very important. Director of Indian Vegetable Research Jagdish Singh says that we are cultivating tomato and brinjal plants in the root of brinjal by grafting method. First, we produced potatoes and tomatoes from a plant and now we have also grown brinjals and tomatoes. After this, we aim to produce potatoes, tomatoes, and brinjals from the same plant.