Knife attack in China school, 40 students and teachers injured, principal's condition critical


China's official media said on Thursday that around 40 people from a primary school in the country were injured when a security guard attacked them with a knife. According to China Daily, most students and members of the academic staff are among the injured in the incident at the school in southern Guangxi province. The condition of three of them is very serious.

According to media reports, the raiding security personnel has been detained by the police and the injured have been sent to the hospital. The incident took place at 8.30 am on Thursday morning at Wangfu Town Central Primary School, Guangxi Juang Autonomous Region, Wuzhou City. The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported that the 50-year-old alleged attacker was the school's security guard. The school principal, another security guard, and a student are serious in this attack, who have been sent to hospitals in the city of Wuju. Eight ambulances have been sent to the scene. It was reported that most of the injured students were from preschool, around the age of six.

Such attacks are increasing in China

Indeed, knife attacks within China have been heard many times over the years. The attackers mainly targeted kindergarten and primary schools in addition to public transport to vent their anger. In September last year, eight students from an elementary school in central China were murdered. In this attack, two other people were also injured in the brutal knife attack on behalf of the person.