Karima Baloch's body buried in Pakistan amidst tight security, Used to tell Modi as a brother


The body of Karima Baloch, a critic of the Government of Pakistan, an activist fighting for women's rights, and a 37-year-old leader of the Baloch community, was brought to her village in Balochistan province and buried under tight security. Karima Baloch, who called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a brother, died on 22 December in Toronto, Canada under suspicious circumstances. Officials gave this information on Monday.

Karima, who has lived in exile in Canada since 2016, was an outspoken critic of Pakistani security agencies and was known for her voice over the disappearance of people and human rights violations in Balochistan province. Karima was spotted at Trump village in the Keach area on Sunday while his close relatives were present. Security was beefed up due to fears of protests by Baloch nationalists.

Karima's supporters claimed on social media that the village was sealed so that people from other areas could not reach Karima's last visit. Security sources said that mobile service was suspended to prevent any untoward incident in the area. It is noteworthy that Toronto police have not described Karima's death as suspicious, although some supporters believe that Karima has been murdered.

Karima was a vocal critic of Pak security institutions. He alleged that the Pak government was exploiting the natural resources of Balochistan and wanted to deprive its residents. Karima had campaigned against the Pakistani government on the subject of human rights violations and the disappearance of people in Balochistan. She was included in the BBC's list of hundred inspiring women in 2016.