Kamala Harris Revealed Side Effects After Second Corona Vaccine Dose


US Vice-President Kamala Harris revealed that she had slight side effects after taking Modrna's second dose of Corona vaccine. Harris took a second dose on January 26, and he received the first vaccine in December.

Kamala Harris was on the vaccine delivery program, while she said that it was fine after taking the first dose. But after the second dose, I thought I would be fine. Woke up early in the morning and went to work and then after midday, it felt like feeling dizzy. It took me one day and then I was fine.

Harris Southeast Washington D.C. Had undergone a vaccine delivery program in a supermarket where people were taking the corona vaccine. They made sure that the communities going through the difficulties were getting the vaccine or not.

Vice President Kamala Harris publicly took both doses of the Corona vaccine. The second dose was taken by Kamala on 26 January after being sworn in as the Vice President. President Joe Biden has also taken both doses of the Corona vaccine but no side effects have been revealed.

Let me tell you that before Harris, President Biden also got the Corona vaccine on live TV. During this time, Joe Biden said that he wants to tell the citizens of America that this vaccine is completely safe for them. Also, Kamala Harris said that the vaccine does not hurt, this vaccine will save your life.

According to the website Worldometer, a total of 29,035,694 cases of corona infection have been reported in the US so far. While 520,367 people have died due to this dangerous virus so far. The number of patients recovering is 19,404,111. Currently, lockdowns are being imposed all over the world due to the new strain of Corona.