Joe Biden became the first American candidate to receive eight crore votes


Preparations have begun for Joe Biden's coronation in the United States of America. Democrat Candidate Biden has not only defeated President Donald Trump. Rather history has also been created. Biden is the first presidential candidate to receive more than 8 crore votes.

The special thing is that voting is going on in other parts of the country right now and Biden's victory could break even more records. The US government agency has recognized Biden as the winner. Trump has also accepted his defeat.

Following the multi-trained decision of GSA administration Emily Murphy, Biden is now being given an intelligence briefing on important issues in the country. With this, other preparations have also started. Biden is also busy preparing his team of captains.

Biden has included names in his team for the cabinet and the White House. Experience is preferred to them. Biden must seek approval from the Republican-majority Senate for his cabinet. Perhaps this is the reason why he has given trained professionals a place in his team rather than the famous names.

We are ready to lead the world once again: Biden

Biden said that his National Security Team would protect the country to demonstrate that America is ready to lead the world once again. Not to back down from it.

From his power transfer headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden made his intention to nominate veteran diplomat Antony Blinken as Foreign Minister, Alejandro Mayorkas as Homeland Security, Linda Thomas Greenfield as US Ambassador to the United Nations, and Avril Hans as Director of National Intelligence declare. Avril is the first woman to become Director of National Intelligence.