Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attack on Trump, says- He doesn't understand the presidency


With the presidential and vice-presidential elections scheduled to be held in November in the US, Democrats and Republican candidates are busy targeting each other. Democratic Party candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attacked Republican candidates and President Donald Trump, saying they had no understanding of the presidency.

Joe Biden besieged Trump regarding Corona cases growing in the US. He said the reason behind the increasing cases of Kovid-19 in the country is not to decide on the timing of Trump. At the same time, he said, Trump is also responsible for the demonstrations taking place in the country.

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris strongly criticized Trump's handling of the Corona situation and his reaction to anti-racist demonstrations. "Trump does not understand the presidency," he said.

Biden tweeted, 'Every instance of violence given by Donald Trump has happened in his time. Took place under his leadership. Happened during his presidency. '

Democrats' presidential nominee Biden said, ever since the Coronavirus came out, President Trump underestimated its threat. He refused to listen to the experts and took no concrete steps to stop it from spreading. "Now we are paying the price," said Biden.

At the same time, Kamala Harris said about Trump, Trump ignored the danger of the epidemic, the result of which is now in front of us. It has a major impact on our economy. He never appreciated that a president swore in front of God and the nation that he would protect America from every danger. This is his duty. But he has failed miserably in doing so.