Jeff Bezos Space Trip: Jeff Bezos's expensive space journey, 4 thousand crores spent in 60 seconds, know the total cost of the mission


Blue Origin took four private passengers to space on July 20 from the New Shepard capsule. After spending about 10 minutes in the confines of space outside Earth, his capsule returned to Earth. These passengers included Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and Oliver Damon. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became the richest man to walk into space. His experience was historic in itself. But do you know how much was spent on this mission? What was the total cost of this mission? After all, why did Bezos shed money like water on this mission?

40 thousand crores spent in 10 minutes

According to a report in DailyMail, billions of rupees were spent in this 10-minute journey of Bezos. In just 10 minutes, a cost of $ 5.5 billion i.e. at least 40 thousand crores has been incurred. 4 thousand crore rupees have been spent on this every minute. The cost of this mission shows why only the billionaires of the world can do such a feat. Jeff was accompanied by his brother Mark and aviation expert Volley Funk on this flight. Apart from these three, tickets were auctioned for the fourth seat.

Bezos wants to set up industries in space

However, the cost of this space mission of Bejosh is being criticized. Questions are being raised as to how reasonable it is to spend so much money for so many trips. After this condemnation, Bezos said that this mission of his is right. This is for the future. He said that he wants to set up industries in space in the future so that the environment of the earth is not spoiled.

The historic flight of July 20 Blue Origin

Significantly, this flight of Blue Origin was launched on July 20 at 6.42 pm. The rocket went up rapidly] as long as its fuel continued to be used. After that, he got separated from the capsule. The booster returned to Earth for reuse and the capsule crossed the Karman Line. After remaining without gravity for a few minutes, the capsule carrying the astronauts also landed back. These four people crossed the Karman line 100 km above. Note that the boundary of space starts from the Carman line. This is internationally called the limit of space.