Japan: After 69 years, no storm came in July, on average 26 knocks every year


Every year there are about 26 storms in Japan. This means that there are two or more storms every month. But after 69 years, July was the first month when no storm knocked. Japan started collecting data on hurricanes from 1951. Many plans are made in Japan in the wake of storms.

No high-pressure area created in July

The head of Japan's Indian Meteorological Department has admitted that there is no storm in July. According to him, no high-pressure area was created last month. Because of this, no storm came. This is a good sign for the country. However, there was a lot of rain and flooding during this period. The country receives rain till about 25 July. It is believed that it will rain until mid-August.

Two storms came in May and June

According to the Live Japan Times website, storms struck the Philippines on May 12 and the South China Sea on June 12. It also had an impact on Japan. Japanese people usually suffer natural disasters three or more times in July.

Only one storm came in July in 1998

30 years later, in 1998, July was the month when only one hurricane hit Japan. In the same year, there were 16 storms in the country. The year 2010 is considered to be the quietest since only 14 hurricanes knocked in Japan during this period.