Jacinda Ardern's historic victory in New Zealand's political history


The reward that the public has given to the female Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jasinda Ardern, to fulfill her responsibilities and responsibilities better, hardly any leader or party has received so soon.

In the general election held on Saturday, decades later, the Labor Party got a thumping victory. Voting started as soon as the elections were over, so Ardern's path to becoming the Prime Minister of the country was cleared for the second time in a row.

She will form the government with an absolute majority with 64 seats and 49 percent of the 120 seats. The first such result has come to light in New Zealand's political history after a massive change in the electoral system in 1990. Judicial Collins of the opposition National Party also thanked his supporters after the results and accepted the defeat.

He called Ardern and congratulated him for this resounding victory. Judith said that the National Party would play its role as the opposition in Parliament keeping in mind the public interest on behalf of every citizen. Good luck to all for choosing a new government for the country.

Party seats won

Labor Party 64 49

National Party 35 26.9

Green Party 10 7.6

Act party 10 8

Maori Party 01

- Total number of voters 34.9 lakhs

There will be no change in the team

After the victory, Jesinda said in her speech that 'we will govern as we campaigned'. We will do better by beating the Corona crisis and this is our chance. The people of the country have given such support to the Labor Party for the first time in 50 years. The times ahead are tough but I promise our party will work for every citizen. There will be no change in my team.

For the first time in 80 years of history

Political analyst Bryce Edwards of Wellington-based Victoria University says this is a major change in the 80-year history of New Zealand's election. The public has given him the reward of the identity that Jasinda made due to his policies, within a short time. Everyone is convinced of Jasinda's style.

History will change if 50 percent of votes

If the Labor Party gets 50 percent or more votes in the election, it will be the first time in history after 1951 when a party has got such a large number of votes.

The result of Jesinda's popularity was that the US newspaper New York Times wrote in its editorial that "America also needs leadership like Jasinda." In Corona, Jessinda's slogan 'Move ahead' is also very useful.

Simplicity became a matter of discussion

After the election results came, Orden came to the media and was asked where his daughter was, and he replied that my two-year-old daughter is sleeping. I want to spend some time with him in the joy of this victory.

On the other hand, Jacinda's husband Clarke Gayford was distributing food to the media persons outside the house. After achieving such a big victory, the simplicity of the Prime Minister's family was also a matter of discussion.

Opposition party confined on 35 seats

According to the Election Commission, until the completion of the ballot count of 98.5 percent, the opposition National Party of New Zealand has got only 27 percent i.e. 35 seats. Similarly, the Green Party and ACT New Zealand Party have got 10 seats each, while the Maori Party has got only one seat. In the 2017 general election, the Labor Party received only 14 seats and a total of 36.89 percent votes.