Ivanka was questioned about the misuse of the non-profit fund, parties were done with the money of charity


Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump, was questioned by the Washington DC administration in a non-profit fund misuse case. He is accused of misusing donor funds in the President's 2017 inaugural committee. A new court has revealed this. It is alleged that the fund was allegedly used to fund parties and other expenses.

Ivanka Trump's name has come at the top in the fund misuse case. In this case, he is accused of paying more than one million dollars. In this regard, on Wednesday, CNN also showed documents in this case.

Washington Attorney General Alan Garten said that emails were sent from the White House demanding that these parties be held at the Fair Market Prize, while payments for these were made at other rates. The name of Trump's wife Melania has also surfaced in this case, although these instructions were given by Ivanka.

Trump wants an apology in advance

US President Donald Trump is now planning to give an advance apology to those close on the go, who are being tried in the courts or could be in the future. Among these close are his first three children and his personal lawyer Rudolf W. Gillian. According to media reports, Trump has also started the process. The advisors have said that they fear that when Biden becomes president, his Justice Department targets his three children Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump Can. In addition, Ivanka's husband Gerard Kushner can also be targeted. Kushner has also been an advisor to the White House during the Trump administration.

Inauguration committee misused donors fund

Trump's 2017 inaugural committee, in 2017, on behalf of the White House office, accused the donors of misappropriating funds. He has been accused of paying more than one million dollars in this context.