Italy : A Somalia citizen arrested for attacking five people with a knife


Italian police have arrested a Somali citizen for allegedly attacking five people with a knife. Somalis seeking asylum in Italy are said to have stabbed two ticket controllers on a bus in the beach town of Rimini on Saturday night. On being chased by the police, he also attacked a child and two women on the way.

Investigators, however, have ruled out any terror incident behind the attack. According to Italy's state radio service, the 26-year-old assailant committed the crime due to drug intoxication.

It is said that the accused did not have a bus ticket and on asking for the ticket, he attacked the ticket controllers with a knife. The condition of the injured 6-year-old child is said to be critical. After coming to Europe in 2015, the Somali had sought asylum in several countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, but all refused asylum.