Israel with India for a low-carbon future: Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that his country is India's partner in the search for low carbon and low pollution future. Along with this, he expressed confidence that by 2030, 25 percent of the energy supplied in his country will be solar energy.

Addressing a digital conference of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) led by India, he said that the barriers faced in the conservation of solar energy would have to be overcome to ensure supply even on the days when the sunshine does not come out.

Netanyahu said, "We want a future with low carbon and less pollution, a future based on green energy and that's why I welcome this important initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi." He said I want to assure you (Modi) that Israel is with you in this effort.

The future of the world in clean energy

Netanyahu said I believe that creativity and innovation are the most important renewable energy. India and Israel as well as other countries are determined to innovate in order to secure a future. We can be very hopeful about this. Netanyahu attended it at the personal invitation of Indian PM Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister of Israel said that the future of the world in clean energy.

Startup solution for 'storage'

The Prime Minister of Israel said that 10 percent of the electricity our country consumes at this time comes from solar energy. We have targeted to increase it to 25 percent by 2030.

Netanyahu said that the main issue is 'storage'. About 400 startup companies are working on this with an investment of billions of dollars. He hoped to find a solution to this problem by these startups.