Israel-Palestine Clash Update: Violence erupts in West Bank amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, 11 Palestinians killed


Israel-Palestine Clash Update: The war between Israel and Palestine has intensified. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine continues in Gaza. Meanwhile, violence has erupted in the West Bank. In a violent skirmish with Israeli forces, 11 Palestinians have died here. Both sides continue to attack each other. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a warning that 'it is not over yet. Till now hundreds of people, including children, have lost their lives in this struggle.

The Israeli military reported that Palestinian protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli forces in the West Bank. This further increased the tension in the area. The army has informed that they have targeted hundreds of military locations in Gada, while Palestine has fired more than two thousand rockets on Israel since Monday.

Hamas air strike intensifies

Israel has carried out a massive bombing to destroy the Hamas bases built in the underground tunnel in Gaza. Major action has been taken on the underground tunnels of Hamas in Gaza. Hamas has also carried out massive rocket attacks on several cities including Israel's Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

122 killed so far in Gaza.

So far 122 people have died in Gaza. According to the Palestinian official, 122 people have died so far, including 31 children and 20 women. More than 900 people have been injured. The death toll in Israel is eight, including six civilians. On the northern and eastern sides of the Gaza Strip, shelling was carried out by cannons deployed along the Israeli border. Paramilitary forces have now been deployed in Israel's Jewish and Arab mixed populations. There are riots here too.

War is not over yet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it would take some more time. This time Hamas will have to teach a tough lesson. A statement issued from the Prime Minister's Office says that all this is not over yet. We will do everything to restore the security of our cities and our people.