Israel fired several rockets, targets terrorist centers in retaliation on Gaza Strip


The Israeli Security Forces (IDF) fired several rockets while retaliating on the Gaza Strip on Sunday. An IDF spokesperson was quoted as saying by The Jerusalem Post that this was done in response to the attack on South Israel. In this attack, the Israeli army targeted the centers of the terrorist organization operating here. With this, the IDF said that it has also foiled the plot of other attacks by terrorists.

The IDF said in a tweet that in response to the rocket fired from Gaza on Sunday evening, our fighters attacked Hamas terrorist facilities in Subterranean. He said that we hold Hamas responsible for all terrorist activities emanating from Gaza. The IDF said in another tweet that it has also thwarted attempts by terrorists to place explosives near the security fence between Israel and Syria.

They said the attacks were carried out in retaliation for rockets fired from the Gaza Strip in southern Israel. The Israel Army has used the Iron Dome missile defense system in this attack. In addition to underground bases of terrorists, concrete production centers used for the construction of tunnels have also been targeted. Terrorists use it to build tunnels. The army claims that the terrorists suffered extensive damage in this attack.