Israel: 38 killed in a stampede, Hundreds injured, the accident occurred during religious bonfire


A large number of people lost their lives in a stampede during the Lag B'Omer Bonfire Festival in Israel. According to media reports, 103 people were injured in this incident, while 38 people died. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident a major disaster. He said that we are praying for the betterment of the people. According to preliminary information, the stadium seats at Mount Meran fell apart. After this, there was a stampede among the people. According to a news channel, out of 100 people who were injured in the stampede, 44 were seriously injured. Six helicopters had to be called for the injured to be taken to the hospital.

The relief rescue team reached the spot soon after getting information about the stampede

The event on Mount Meron was the largest event ever since the onset of the Corona epidemic. Despite the threat of the virus, more than ten thousand people from all over the country reached Mount Meron to participate in this festival. Dozens of ambulances and emergency service vehicles arrived at the scene as soon as the stampede occurred. Rescuers picked up the dead bodies on the ground and filled them in vehicles and rushed to the hospital. Police asked all the people present at the scene to evacuate the place.

People started sliding down the stairs

The dome where the incident occurred is considered one of the holiest sites in the Jewish world and is an annual pilgrimage site. Thousands of ultra-orthodox Jews gathered at the tomb of second-century saint Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai for the annual commemoration. Prayers and dancing were happening here all night. Police say the incident happened when some people slipped on the stairs. After this, one by one people fell on each other, after which a stampede occurred. A spokesman for the country's National Emergency Service Magnum David Edom MDA said the scene was "horrific". People were crushed trying to get out. After the accident, relief work is going on on a war footing.