Internet companies imposed a ban on former Chinese PM Jiabao's article, told the story of mother's struggle


China's Internet companies have blocked their consumers from sharing former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao's article. Jiabao wrote this memorial article for his mother. His mother has died recently. This is tantamount to undisclosed censorship against a senior member of the ruling Communist Party.

This Jiabao article was published in a small newspaper Macau Herald on Friday. It was shared on the Chinese chat app WeChat on Saturday. But it was soon banned.

In this emotional article written on his mother, Jiabao recounts his mother's struggle during a period of upheaval in China. Apart from this, he has also mentioned the political flaws during the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Cultural Revolution. He wrote I think China should be a country full of cleanliness and justice. There should be a sense of respect for the public, humanity, and human nature. Let us tell you that these are issues that are not directly mentioned in the current political corridors of China.

The Communist Party of China recently tightened restrictions on Internet discussions regarding the party's hundredth anniversary. A branch of China's cyber regulator launched a hotline last week to report to internet consumers about comments that have criticized the party leadership.

Two BP Venture officials are in custody

Police in China's southern province of Guandong has detained many people in connection with an investigation into the illegal oil business. These include two top executives of BP Joint Venture. Guandong is the largest fuel-consuming state in China. Sources said that Guandong police has issued warrants against more than 70 people in this case.